Lillie Wojcik Foster

is a video director, editor and writer. Her career began in Los Angeles working as a treatment designer for top commercial and film directors at Bob Industries and Partizan Entertainment. Looking to broaden her creative spectrum, she went on to be trained as a music video commissioner, eventually working with Republic Records, mtheory, TMWRK, and OWSLA to create video content for major recording artists across all genres before deciding to pursue directing and editing full-time. Her creative directing style gravitates toward cinematic realism and dynamic narrative storytelling, but extends into glam-pop, dance, gritty performance, and beyond. Born and raised in small town Minnesota, she now works between New York and Los Angeles but holds a special passion for midwestern-based projects.

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Aaron Smith - You

Directed by: Lillie Wojcik
Production Company: Obsidian Executive Producer: Doug Klinger
Head of Production: Anna Heinrich
Producer: Callie Schuttera
Director’s Rep: Doug Klinger at Reprobates
Production Manager: Gabriela Ledesma
Director of Photography: Christian Klein
Assistant Director: Chakameh Marandi
1st AC: Celeste Barbosa
Chief Lighting Tech & Drone Op: Sam Wilkerson
Editor: Gus Spelman
Colorist: Dan Edwards

Choreographer: Monika Felice Smith
Choreographer Assistant: Riley Roberts
Agency: Bloc

PA: Johnny Bazaldua
PA: Flynn Nicholls

Influencers: Geenah Rios, Lexi Lawrence, Juliet Deem
Street Performer: Anthony Arellano
Artist Stylist: Rima Vaidila
Artist  HMU: Audur Jónsdóttir

BTS Photographer: Jerad Cullen

Artist MGMT: Kingdom Mgmt, Aimmi Dunsmuir, Scott Kirkwood

Creative Director: Grace Hsiu
Creative Producer: Grace Carroll
A&R: Warren Philo