Development Coordinator
Alyson Lo (she/her) is a Chinese-American writer born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley. Though her childhood goal was to grow up to be a squirrel, growing up she found herself addicted to the television set too. As her grandma used TV to learn English, Alyson’s would watch with her after school. Through this her love of storytelling grew - inspiring her to write stories and plays. While attending Emory University, she pivoted to writing for the screen, double majoring in Media Studies and Political Science. She received highest honors for her first screenplay, the very first feature length screenplay written for the Emory Thesis program. During her time in Atlanta she also wrote and produced a short, Ladylike!, through Third Rail Studios, which premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival in 2022. Upon graduation, she moved back to LA to work at Innovative Artists, and now Antigravity Academy! Outside of her coordinator position and writing, she loves to rock climb and embroider. She aims to write for television, specifically in the young adult dramedy sphere, with a focus on Asian American stories.