Assistant Short Form Division
As a 1st generation Asian American born as a ‘90s kid in Bay Area California, Jason’s (he/him) road to film was far from conventional. From the trials and tribulations of engineering and business school in his early adult life to constantly battling between passion vs paycheck during his creative explorations into DJing, music production, photography, and cinematography, he eventually paved a path for himself into the world of filmmaking from the ground up in the city of Los Angeles, CA. Jason began his journey providing free work for student films and photographers. Soon after, he got picked up as an intern by Hungry Man, a Palme d’Or ranked and renowned production company where he gained extensive production exposure off the sets of high budget commercials directed by names such as Wayne McClammy and Taika Waititi. He would then spend some time in the world of VFX at an award-winning post-production studio, the Moving Picture Company. As Jason began to further develop his creative voice and vision as an aspiring director, he ultimately found solace in music and narratives. Motivated by the impulse to see the invisible, provoke thought, and trigger inspiration, what defines his character is the embracing of organized chaos, finding peace in the madness, and making sense of life’s socially acceptable insanities. Beneath the surface, Jason remains a kid at heart as you’ll find him nerding out about cars, sending it down snow slopes, tearing up trails on a mountain bike, singing in the shower, quoting lines from the sitcom Friends, and stirring up shenanigans with dogs.