Jeff Desom

is an LA-based writer, director and visual effects artist. He grew up on a winery in the heart of Europe, but much to the dismay of his parents acquired a taste for filmmaking early on. His work ranges from experimental videos like his Rear Window Timelapse to narrative formats like the sci-fi anthology Doors. Music videos have a special place in his heart and he loves to collaborate on them with other directors. When he’s not busy directing (which is most of the time) he sits at his computer creating visual effects for movies like Everything Everywhere At Once.

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Cuco - Si Me Boy (feat. Marías)

Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada & Jeff Desom
Executive Producer - Doug Klinger
Head of Production - Anna Heinrich
Producer - John Edwards Curtis
Director’s Rep - Doug Klinger
Director’s Assistant - Anna Moskowitz
Director of Photography - Nicholas Wiesnet Assistant Director - Jamar Hawkins
2nd Assistant Director - Angel Vaughn
2nd 2nd Assistant Director - Kani Sample
1st AC - Jared Wennberg
2nd AC - Colleen “Coco” Haley
Gaffer - Skott Khuu
Key Grip - Anthony Yamamoto
Production Designer - Tyler Jensen
Set Decorator - Christina Skilbred
Lead Person - Jordan Pelzl
Set Dresser - Abe Turner
Art PA - Isabel “Izzy” Eyre
Wardrobe Stylist - Chanel Gibbons
Wardrobe Assistant - David Gangel
HMU - Lili Kaytmaz
Cast - Cuco Double - Derrin Stull
Ex - Solmyra Araiza
Ex Double - Mikaela Ruegg
Ex Double - Leticia Labelle
Husband 1- Johnny Ramey
Husband 2 - Asim Rashad
Wife 1 - Lina Green
Wife 2 - Erica Green
Post Producers - John Curtis & Anna Heinrich Editor - Carlos Lopez Estrada
Color - Matt Osborne at Company 3
Color Grade Producer - Dan Butler
VFX - Jeff Desom
Truck PA - Dennise Crookes
Truck PA - Mark Janavel
PA - Vladimir Truca
PA - Kevin Alexander
PA - Vic Godales
PA - Sebastian Bordigoni
PA - Patrick Gorman
Set Medic - Bosco Kim
Artist MGMT - Eddie Bezalel, Verne Patrick, Jess Fekete
Label - Interscope
Commissioner - Michelle An
Commissioner - Marissa Ramirez
Commissioner - Christine Trinh Interscope Marketing - Brittany Nguyen Interscope Marketing - Max Weinberg
Socials BTS Photog - John Choi