Carlos López Estrada

is an Academy Award-nominated filmmaker from Mexico City.

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El Sportivo & The Blooz- “Waking World”

Directed and edited by: Carlos López Estrada
Executive Producer: Danielle Hinde for Doomsday Entertainment

Produced by Corinna Martinez for Contenido Neto (Mexico)

Director of Photography: Sebastian Winterø 

Production Designer: Geo Martinez

VFX: Diego Dominguez, Sebastian Brown, Cameron Clark

Color: Elliot Sellers
Wardrobe: Natasha Kutrovacz
Assistant editor: Mr. Taylor Brusky
Sound: Eric Hoehn

Starring Isaac Ravishankara
Shot in Morelos, Mexico

Insert crew/2nd Unit/ Pick ups:
Producer: Sarah Lawson
DP: Niko Weisnet
Art director: CK McCall
Stand/sit in: Blair Neighbors

Released by White Iris-2012