Sean Wang

is a filmmaker from Fremont, CA. He is a Google Creative Lab 5 alum, 2020 Sundance Ignite Fellow, 2021 ADC Young Gun, and 2022 Sundance Institute | Asian American Foundation Fellow.

Most recently, his film, H.A.G.S (Have A Good Summer), was acquired by the New York Times and became one of their most popular Op-Docs of 2021.

He is currently in development on his first feature film, Dìdi (弟弟), with the producing team of Carlos López Estrada and Kelly Marie Tran.

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How They Got Away

Made for the Girl / Chocolate contest (
(spot all the Crailtap / Jonze references!)

ft. Benedict Chiu and Torin Blankensmith

Director: Stephen Spielberg (
DP: Zach Stoltzfus
Art director: Sydney Louise / flutter girl
PA: Martin Scorcese

Special thanks to Waffle House.