Jeff Desom

is an LA-based writer, director and visual effects artist. He grew up on a winery in the heart of Europe, but much to the dismay of his parents acquired a taste for filmmaking early on. His work ranges from experimental videos like his Rear Window Timelapse to narrative formats like the sci-fi anthology Doors. Music videos have a special place in his heart and he loves to collaborate on them with other directors. When he’s not busy directing (which is most of the time) he sits at his computer creating visual effects for movies like Everything Everywhere At Once.

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Mitski - The Only Heartbreaker

Directed by Maegan Houang & Jeff Desom Production Company - Obsidian Executive Producer - Doug Klinger
Head of Production - Anna Heinrich
Executive Producer - Maegan Houang
Producer - John L. Lozada
VFX & Animation by
VFX Executive Producer - Sherif Higazy
VFX Head Of Production - Karim Higazy Director of Photography - Joanna Thanh Há Nguyen

Production Designer - Emmy Eves
Choreographer - Jas Lin Movement Director - Jaclyn Chu
1st Assistant Director - Ismail “Izzy” Hameed Production Coordinator - Po-Wei Su Obsidian Coordinator - Phoebe Loew

Gaffer - Kazmo Kida
Makeup Artist - Akihiro Sawada
Costume Designer - Sajida Silva
Editor - Gus Spelman
Colorist - Andrew Francis
Animation Producer - Aron Fromm
Assistant Editor - Robin Feldman

3D Artist - Adam Knauer
3D Artist - Robert Schober
Lead VFX Artist - Ethan Feldbau
Lead VFX Artist - Jeff Desom
VFX Artist - Cooper Vacheron
VFX Artist - Matthew Wauhkonen
Matte Painting - Ethan Feldbau, Jeff Desom, Thermonuclear
Branch 3D VFX – Thermonuclear x 1881 Animation
VFX Supervisor/CG - Sherif Higazy

Storyboard Artist - Nhan Le
Office PA - John Whang
Set PA - Viacheslav “Slava” Makarov
Set PA - Ferran Molina
1st AC - Felipe Larrondo
2nd AC - Michelle Suh
Jib Op - Joseph Walsh
Jib Assist - Anthony Moreno
Electric - Aaron Jackson
BBE - Dane Gerwig
Key Grip - Steve Forbes
BBG - Roman Reardon
Grip - Gaither Narrow

Art Director - Laura Barr-Jones
Set Decorator - Cynthia Wu
Decorator - Nicole Shara
Art PA - Daniel Fuchs
Art PA - Li-Wei Chu
Art PA - Jorge Flores
Art/Set PA - Amelia Roesner
Art Volunteer - Claire Poon
On-Set VFX Supervisor - Dirk Valk
Sound Design - Grant Meuers
BTS Photographer - Daniel Topete

Director's Reps - Doug Klinger & Undine Markus at Reprobates
Special Thanks - Henry Kaplan, Joyce Kim, Christopher Ripley, Studio Linguini, The Daniels, Kirsten Lepore, Andrew Thomas Huang, Paul Sangster, Rachel Kondo & Justin Marks