The Antigravity Academy
Screenwriters Camp

- an incubator for 1st-time filmmakers.


Can anyone apply?
Only filmmakers with no previously produced feature films can apply. All applicants must be over 18 years old and current residents of the United States. A finished draft of a feature screenplay is required to apply.

Do applicants need to be US citizens?

Citizenship is NOT a requirement to apply.

Is there a page limit for screenplays?

Screenplays must not be over 125 pages of length. It must be presented in traditional screenplay format.

Can writing teams apply?

Yes! Writing teams of up to two people are welcome to apply.

Any genre?


Television pilots?
Not accepted at this time - sorry!

Any language?
Yes, but an English translation will be required in order to be considered.

What will each filmmaker (or filmmaking team) earn from going through this program?
Each filmmaker (or filmmaking team) will enter a 7 month development deal with Antigravity Academy starting with the intensive in May and concluding with the period of industry exposure/project presentation. Each filmmaker (or filmmaking team) will be paired with industry mentors and the development team at Antigravity Academy for the duration of the program. Each filmmaker (or filmmaking team) will have around the clock development support from our team and will be able to schedule check-in meetings on an as-needed basis.

As projects approach their presentational stage, Antigravity Academy will assist filmmakers in preparation that includes, but is not limited to: pitch deck construction, pitch practice sessions, and personalized support based on the individual project needs. During the industry exposure week, Antigravity will facilitate meetings with potential producing partners, financiers, talent and reps with the goal to get each project set up to go into production. While the development period with Antigravity will be for 7 months, mentorship for the filmmakers from the Antigravity Academy team will continue indefinitely - You will be a part of the Antigravity Crew.

Who will be the program mentors?
Top industry filmmakers will be paired with projects based on themes, genre, and style. Mentors will be announced in the Spring of β€˜24

Where/When will the camp happen?
A private resort in Lake Arrowhead, California from May 24th to May 29th, 2024.

Do I need to pay for anything?
Lodging, travel, program activities and meals at the Intensive are covered by Antigravity Academy.

For the residential intensive, if I require ADA accessibility accommodations, will these be provided?

What will happen during the intensive?
You will work with your mentors and the Antigravity Academy development team to elevate your material through workshops, panels, screenings, activities and story-crafting exercises.

What will the subsequent meetings look like?
Online virtual check-ins via Zoom with the Antigravity Academy development team and advisors. There will be a total of 5 virtual sessions happening once a month.

What will happen during the exposure week at the end of the program?
By that time, all projects will have a new draft of their screenplays completed. The scripts and filmmakers will be presented to reps, producers and financiers with the aim to get the projects off the ground. 

Will I give away the rights to my screenplay if I participate in the program?

If Unapologetic Projects considers financing your project, you will enter a conversation with them about the potential optioning of your material.

What does the first look financing deal entail?
All filmmakers participating in the Screenwriters Camp will get a First Look Financing deal with Unapologetic Projects (an independent financing company and frequent collaborator of Antigravity Academy), who will determine, at their own discretion, if they will fully or partially finance each of the films. If they decide not to support a project, the filmmaker will be able to find financing elsewhere.

Will I be required to produce my film with Antigravity Academy?
You will not be required to produce your project with Antigravity. If Unapologetic Projects does decide to finance your film (partially or fully), Antigravity Academy will be attached as producers. If Unapologetic decides to not finance your project, but Antigravity Academy helps you secure financing elsewhere, a producer attachment deal will be negotiated in good faith. If a filmmaker wishes to bring on other production companies onto a project, they may.

Ultimately, the decision will be yours.

If Unapologetic Projects decides to NOT finance a project, what happens then?
If a project is financed by a third party and moves into production, a per - project program investor of $14,000 plus a 20% premium will be recouped from the production budget of the film. Additional 1% of the contingent compensation defined on a favored nations basis with Antigravity for that project.

Okay so what does that actually mean though? Let's break it down.
Typically, movies at this level have a production budget that is funded by independent financiers. The financing company Unapologetic is the primary reason we can offer this fantastic development program, but naturally, they aim to make their money back when they make an investment. One of the program's great advantages is the exposure it provides the selected project to Unapologetic. They will review your project to determine if they're interested in financing your film so it can be made! However, there's a possibility that they might decline to finance it. In such a case, it's your decision if you want to explore and pursue other financing options so your film can be produced. So if your project secures funding without having Unapologetic on as one of the independent financiers (basically if someone else pays for your movie to be made besides Unapologetic), Unapologetic will need to be repaid the money they put into your project while it was at this development screenwriters camp.

But where does the repayment money come from? No need to fretβ€”this repayment will be integrated into the production budget crafted by you and your producer once that time comes. None of this repayment will ever come directly from your own pocket. Instead it comes from whatever independent financiers decide to back your project.

Additionally, 1% of 100% contingent compensation refers to the film's points. A 'Point' is an industry term signifying 1% ownership of the film. This ownership isn't related to creative control or decision-making in the film. Instead, it means that if the film becomes profitable upon its sale, whoever holds a point also profits. For instance, if someone owns 1 point and the film earns $100, that person would make $1.00 - aka 1% of the profit. Therefore, in this scenario that Antigravity Academy is not involved in producing your film, Antigravity Academy would need to be granted 1 point in your project's profit.

What happens if you decide not to pursue making this film? What if your film doesn't get financed?
Nothing would be owed to Unapologetic or Antigravity Academy in this case.

What happens if your film is produced but does not make any profit?
Nothing is owed to any members who own points in a film if it does not make any profit.

Do you have more questions that aren’t answered here?
Please email contact@antigravityacademy.co and we’ll be happy to respond promptly!

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