Assistant to
Carlos López Estrada
Wendy Medina Herrera (she/her/ella) is a Writer/Director from San Diego, California. Her passion for storytelling began during her middle school's news broadcast class. Despite being a low-funded school with limited resources, the class was self-sufficient, with students often winning awards to acquire equipment and funds. Without this class, the idea of pursuing the arts might never have crossed her mind. She attended Chapman University where she earned a BFA in Film Production with a directing emphasis and a self-designed BA in Latinx and Latin American Studies. With both, she is able to combine research and storytelling to ensure accurate portrayal of Latinx experiences, traditions, and identities. Wendy has interned with powerhouse companies such as MACRO and Blumhouse. As a first-generation Mexican American, she is dedicated to amplifying and advocating for Latinx and underrepresented narratives for a more inclusive media landscape.