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EP. 1

Finding Representation
As An Emerging Filmmaker

5 leading agents and managers will discuss the state of industry, what to do to get noticed, and ideas for a more equitable and inclusive future. 

EP. 2

The Miracle of Making a 1st Film

Join 5 extraordinary filmmakers as they talk about the many challenges and miracles it took for them to make their first movie. From Academy Award-winners to Sundance Film Festival darlings, this is a group of directors you won't want to miss!

EP. 3

Producers Searching For
New Voices

Producers are instrumental in finding and amplifying stories that may otherwise go untold. Join 5 exceptional producers who have made careers out of supporting emerging filmmakers.

EP. 4

Storytelling for Change

Since the beginning of time, the greatest storytellers have shifted culture by using their influence to inspire change. Join five game-changing film and TV writers discussing how they use their work to advance discussions around important social issues. 

EP. 5

Demystifying Sundance

The Sundance Institute, from its year-round artist programs to the Sundance Film Festival, has been responsible for developing, fostering, and introducing the most singular voices in independent filmmaking for over 40 years. Join five Sundance decision-makers and learn about the processes they follow in order to find and champion the next generations of great storytellers.

EP. 6

Cinematographers and their First Features

The cinematographer of a movie shares creative authorship of a story with directors and writers. They are responsible for translating every single written moment for the screen. Join five world-renowned Directors of Photography as they discuss the beginning of their journeys and how their early projects shaped their distinctive storytelling voice.
EP. 7 recording coming soon
EP. 7

Understanding the Hollywood Studio

Hollywood studio executives are constantly redefining the film industry through their decisive hiring and creative choices. This panel features five trailblazing studio executives discussing their journeys, philosophies as leaders, and their thoughts on the future of Hollywood.

EP. 8

First-Time Filmmakers at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival

Recorded live at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, Academy Award®-nominated director (“Raya and the Last Dragon”) — and Dolby Institute Fellowship winner — Carlos López Estrada brings together five filmmakers, each with debut feature films in the US Dramatic Competition this year.

EP. 9

No Budget Filmmaking

Recorded live at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, Carlos López Estrada brings together another all-star panel of Hollywood talent, this time posing the question: Is “No Budget Filmmaking” even possible in this day and age?