Head of Film and TV
In a very conventional journey, Winsor Yuan (he/him) was born in Taipei, Taiwan and his family moved to the most logical place for a growing Asian family: Brandon, Mississippi. His love of storytelling started at an early age, where he wrote stories about dinosaurs and talking stomachs (not in the same story) and eventually evolved into making short films and music videos with his classmates. After his parents hid his acceptance letters to film school making him stay in-state for college, he graduated from the University of Mississippi with a BBA and a BA in English in 2009 and an MBA in 2010. Still wanting to prove that his love for entertainment was more than just a hobby, he graduated with an MFA in Producing from Chapman in 2012. He then worked as an Agent Trainee at UTA in the MP Lit Department from 2013-2015 before working with Writer/Producer/Director Jared Stern and his company A Stern Talking To as VP of Film and TV until 2022. He is also the owner of one the best dogs in the world, Littlefoot, named after the animated dinosaur.